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After meeting Chanel through the ancient Russian nobility, she directs all her energy to create the female scent she desires. Choosing the 5th among the numerous perfumes it produces, Chanel wants to add more jasmine that grows only in the Grasse region. Thus, No 5 gets its final form. In other words, it is Beaux who created the famous perfume, but it is Chanel himself that makes it unique.

No 5 is also distinguished from other perfumeries produced up to that day with its production process. No 5 is a harmonious blend of natural ingredients such as jasmine and rose and synthetic ingredients. This method brings about a new era in the perfumery industry, which used only natural ingredients until that day. Polge has been producing numerous perfumes as Chanel’s sole nose for many years. Its successor, Jacques Polge, the “nose” of the present Chanel empire, also created the Eau de Parfum of No 5 in 1986.

Another big secret is the precious flowers that make up No 5. The most basic ingredient is the yellow-colored ylang-ylang flower that grows in the Philippines. The second is the May rose that grows only in the Grasse region today. This rose blooms once a year for three weeks only in May. It collects early in the morning, even before the sun’s rays reach the flower. Only 1.5 kilograms of essence is obtained from a ton of roses. Another raw material that makes No 5 unique is jasmine. Jasmine is also the main ingredient in all perfumery. Chanel negotiates with all local landowners in Grasse for many years. All jasmine produced in this region are used for No. 5 only. These agreements are then made for the May Rose. This is what makes No 5 unique. No other manufacturer can use jasmine and roses grown in the climate of the Grasse region in their perfume. Thus, this exclusive fragrance is guaranteed to remain unchanged.

Of course, the mixing ratio of all these raw materials is kept secret. The secret formula for No. 5 is stored in Chanel’s headquarters near Paris. The mixture of raw materials and the proportion of alcohol added to them are made under the control of Jacques Polge himself. Polge monitors the production, harvesting, extraction of the essence and the transformation of the flowers into perfumes in appropriate mixtures and even the bottling of them. All stages that determine the unchanging quality of No 5 are carried out under its control. Today, the biggest name behind the Chanel legend is Jacques Polge. This famous nose that says “Smell it, you will see” gives the final approval to numerous Chanel perfumes.

While talking about the importance of scent in our conversation in Grasse, Polge says, “For someone we don’t like in France, we say,” I don’t even smell it. ” Finally, we ask Polge about the Fragrance novel of the author Patriarch Suskind, who explains that the formula of No 5 has not changed at all and mentions the measures they took to keep the original fragrance unchanged for a century. The novel tells the tragic story of Jean Baptiste, who is looking for a scent and arrives in the Grasse area at the end of the search. In the search for love, Babtist finally finds a scent, when he rubs it, people attack him to touch him, until he tears it to pieces.

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