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Artabans’ armies were defeated and the King itself was killed in the war square (M.S. 224). After this date, the state, known as the Sasani Empire, the state has occurred after a twenty years of conflict.

As the Widengren agreed based on the transmission of the Tabari, the Ardashir is then in the autumn of Ardashir, continuing from Rey to the east and receiving Gurgan, Harezm and Horasan, continuing from Rey in the autumn of 224 years. However, the questionnaire to be answered at this point is that they reported the defeats by means of the ambassadors, as a result of the eastern expeditions, as they remember the places of Tabari, Merv and Belh. However, Ardesir Sakastan, EBrşehr (today’s Horasan) to save their Merv, Harezm and Belkh hometown and thus feel the mightyness in the east.

In the end of the Parth Empire, the Boyus Empire and Iran were almost independently independent in the Baktria region. On the date of the Ardeşir Miladi 224, Sasanis made them feel pressure on the bird of Baktria in Baktria immediately after installing the Sasani State. The maternity Baktria directly sasani had fallen under the king of kings “. Frye says that the Schippmann has reported the King of Armenia in some way that the King of Armenia is the King of Vehsadjan, which has been reported to the commitment to Ardeşir, and thus, as Armaşir was the beginning of this as Uşaşah.

Even the birds were pushing the coin on behalf of Sasanis. These coins are suppressed in the name of Sasaniler are called Uşano Sasani Coin Series in the literature. However, the history of these coins that Sasani governors remained in the mule. In addition, it is thought that a figure depicted with a modest ‘diadem at the beginning of a seal on a seal on the beginning of the Denag. Wisehöfer, said Denag named in seals, I. Ardesir’s sister. Here, the main question is that the mentioned name is to two separate people or is the only a reference to the only person? Denag is actually said that Ardeşir’s sister and also his wife. However, Wiesehöfer still says that there is still no definite information about domestic marriage in Sasaniler.

On 2 April 224 after defeating Ardeşir Partths, the Fatihane enters KTESİFON / Tisfon in Ktesifon / Tisfon and declares the Kingdom of Parthlar by taking obedience. Armaşir is officially in Miladi 226, wear the ruler crown and receives the title of “Rally King / City of City. After the Sasaniler is dominated by the Iranian geography managed with the Vassal Kingdoms during the Parths period, they entered an effort to establish a central state with a terrible and disproportionate force. This situation was often continued until the end of the period of the son of I.Şapur 241-272 and his son.

As a result, they managed to collect the Persian clans in the scattered state and were a serious power in both the east and the west. Especially the Sasani dynasty, where Rome cares at the beginning, it was more dangerous than partners for the Romans I. He showed that the Roman Emperor Valerianus was captured.

In the beginning, Roma had not cared for Parthlar’s problem with other local kingdoms. However, after the Sasani dynasty defeated the Partths to Mesopotamia, the progress of the Roman Empire requires serious measures to take severe measures, and after the East has to produce the danger of impending Sasani. In Mesopotamia, I. Armalians will continue for 133 years. Although Roman Emperor Severus Alexander Persian resist this attack, Severus has not resulted in this conflict media until he died in 233.

The Miladi is like the centuries characterized as a 3rd century monarchy century. This is the fourth century II. Scopur’s (309-379) is described as the period (usually considered as 16 years of age) and the Alliance II. It is considered that the clergy and nobles are dominated by the kingdom of the kingdom. II. We can see Iran’s serious and quickly centralized when he undertakes state management in the Büluğ age. II. The Kingdom of Husus Capur, which is noteworthy in the regime of the smug regime is to be built by the noble.

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