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There is nothing more frustrating then searching the internet for a totally free online dating service only to find yourself tangled in a maze of URL’s that take you everywhere but to the free offer you originally came for. This seems to be quite indicative of adult dating sites in particular. Their play on words can sometimes fool even the most savvy of surfers into clicking on their search link.

I guess the main confusion here is the misleading use of the word FREE!! It seems to be used very loosely when it comes to adult dating sites. Just type in the words ‘Totally free adult dating” into Google search, and lets examine the sites that appear. Now I do not believe in rubbishing another business so for this reason I will refrain from mentioning the sites names.

The first site that appears claims to be 100% FREE. When I tried to create an account it kept telling me that I have not chosen a location when clearly I had. I made several attempts to rectifying this little glitch but found myself going back and forth like a losing battle in a tug of war competition.

The next two sites allowed you to join for free but did ask you to upgrade to a paying account if you were interested in contacting someone on the site. Some of the other links I unfortunately clicked on seem to all be affiliates of one site in particular which as you might have already guessed is a paying site.

Well if you’re like me and you’re fed up with searching for that elusive free adult dating site then I might just be able to help guide you in the right direction.

The site that I’m about to recommend is free to join and allows you to contact 5 members per a day. Another great thing about this site is that every single profile must submit a photo. Also the site will not display any member photos on the home page leaving it nice and classy looking. This also helps prospective members that might feel reluctant to place their photo on a dating site. I personally feel more comfortable with a member looking at my profile photo then by some person that’s just passing through

If you would like to use all of the many multimedia features on the site and contact as many people as you like then upgrading is an option but not a necessity.

In conclusion I feel that sites of this nature should be more honest and upfront with their customers rather than using deceptive methods just to lure people to their site. This is the sort of conduct does not attract customers, it repels them.

So next time you’re looking for a free adult dating site please visit
Written by: Louie Veleski

Adult Dating Depot is a free adult dating site. Unlike most other free dating sites out there we actually allow you to contact other members without being prompted to upgrade your membership. All of our profiles must have a photo but are never displayed in the home page. This protects your privacy and keeps the home page nice and classy. For those of you who would like to have access to all of the features on our site you do have the option to upgrade your membership to Gold status. Please visit us and check out our site at

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